Silk Road Economic Belt Cities International Forum

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The “Silk Road Economic Belt Cities International Forum” themed by “Unimpeded Trade and Co-build Prosperity” opened in Yiwu on June 18th. This Forum was co-hosted by, Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China and Yiwu Municipal People’s Government with around 400 representatives attended, including officers from cities along Silk Road, diplomatic envoys, business representatives and think tank experts from over 40 countries.


Silk Road Economic Belt
Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies released The Report of International Trade Stronghold Cities in “Silk Road Economic Belt” in the opening ceremony, launched the initiate concept of “One Belt One Road” international trade stronghold cities and listed Yiwu as a representative model for potential stronghold city.


During the meeting, domestic and foreign officers, think-tank experts and business representatives conducted in-depth exploration and co-created new development opportunity keeping to the six main themes as Cooperation and Win-win among International Trade Stronghold Cities, Policy Communication and Coordination of Unimpeded Trade, “One Belt One Road” and New Pattern of International Trade, Impetus of YXE Railway for Unimpeded Trade, Opportunity and Future of “One Belt One Road” Trade, and Cross-border Trade Investment and Financial Cooperation.


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