Beijing Company Intellectual Property Service

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Beijing company intellectual property agencies and law firms have emerged in Beijing with the fast growth of the intellectual property business.

Beijing company intellectual property applications and disputes have both soared with the rapid growth of knowledge-based economy and accelerated development of Beijing, which lead to a dramatically increasing demand for corresponding intellectual property services.

Beijing Company Intellectual Property Service-Current Situation of Beijing Company Intellectual Property Service

As the Beijing market continues to open up, Beijing enterprises are also accelerating their internationalization. Statistics of recent years show that, both Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications and trademark applications filed by Beijing enterprises have increased;

The Beijing copyright protection system has been brought further in line with international standards; Beijing enterprises began to be involved in IP wars around the world.

Beijing Company Intellectual Property Service-Key Services of Beijing Company Intellectual Property Service

Beijing intellectual property Service includes registration, licensing and litigation relating to intellectual property rights, and unfair competition and it also covers marks, patents, utility models, designs and models, topographies of semi-conductor products, appellations of origin and geographical indications, names and emblems of establishments.

Beijing Company Intellectual Property Service-Function of Beijing Company Intellectual Property Service

The existence of Beijing intellectual property service can assist the Beijing government, scientific and technical research institutes, scientific parks, large and medium companies,

VC/PE and angel investors to improve the capability of creation, application, protection and management of the intellectual property, set up and improve the intellectual property management system.


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