HK Company Accounting

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As a foreign investor, are you tortured with your HK company accounting? Tannet Group Limited can help you.

It is known that the fiscal year of HK company is generally 12 months while the first fiscal year is 18 months after HK company registration. Tannet can help you to handle the HK company accounting only if you submit the following documents:

Bank statements and notes;

Cost bills: invoice and contract;
Other bills: salary, rent (together with the Rental Contract or Association), transportation fee, etc.
Other documents: two Articles of Association, Annual Return, BR, copy of D1, document copies for company change if have any, notes for fixed assets, documents related with investment, purchase and selling invoice, payment and collection invoice, etc.

How to give the invoice and notes to Tannet to handle?

You can give relevant documents for accounting monthly, quarterly or half-a-yearly, in order to ensure the plenty of time for accounting.

Tannet provides you with the following services:

Classify the notes and bills; check bank accounts; work out the accounting statement;
Prepare invoices;
Work out monthly, quarterly or yearly Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet;
Give assistance to establish effective accounting system;
Clear up cumulative unrecorded accounting transactions;
Tannet Board of Directors proposes the reasonable tax avoidance program, serving the tax return at the end of the year.

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