Registration of Foreign-invested Convention and Exhibition Companies

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(a) Capable of introducing state-of-the-art event organization know how and facilitating professional exchanges;

(b) With expertise and track record of organizing international expositions, specialised exhibitions or international conferences.


Application Procedures and Relevant Rules and Regulations

(a) Application Procedures

1. The foreign investor should submit application to the local commerce authorities at provincial level, which will make a decision within 30 days upon receipt of the application materials.

2. Upon approval by the provincial commerce authorities, the applicant will be issued an FIE approval certificate.

3. Upon receipt of the approval certificate, the applicant must complete registration formalities at the administration for industry and commerce within one month.

(b) Relevant Rules and Regulations

These include Provisional Rules on the Establishment of Foreign-invested Convention and Exhibition Companies, Circular of the State Council General Office on Strengthening the Administration of Foreign Economic and Technological Exhibitions in China, and Provisional Measures on Organizing Foreign Economic and Technological Exhibitions in China.

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