Customs Registration and Filing of Contracts

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The Chinese Customs implements a system of customs registration for consignors and consignees of import and export goods.

Foreign trade operators engaging in the import-export of goods (consignors or consignees of import-export goods) must register with Customs for making customs declaration.

Following the permission of individuals to engage in foreign trade under the new foreign trade law, corresponding customs policies have been introduced.

Currently, enterprises or individuals handling their own customs declaration must first be approved by Customs as self-declaration units.

When making customs declaration registration, applicants have to submit the following documents to the local customs:

the Foreign Trade Operator Filing and Registration Form issued by the commerce departments; Customs Declaration Unit Registration Form, Customs Declaration Unit’s Management Personnel Particulars Registration Form:

photocopy of the legal person business licence (or photocopy of business licence in the case of individual wholly-owned enterprises, individual partnership enterprises, or individually-owned businesses); photocopy of the tax registration certificate;

photocopy of the bank account opening licence; photocopy of the enterprise code certificate; proof of having fixed business premises; photocopy of the identity document of the company’s legal representative or the person-in-charge of individual whollyowned enterprises, individual partnership enterprises or individually-owned businesses;

contracts, articles of association and approval documents thereof issued by relevant government departments (applicable only to FIEs; wholly foreign-owned enterprises only have to submit articles of association); and other supporting documents as required by Customs.

FIEs handling their own customs declaration must register with Customs first.

Enterprises or individuals may also appoint agents (or customs brokers) to make customs declaration for them.

Customs brokers should appoint special personnel to handle customs declaration formalities. Such personnel must have received training provided by Customs, passed the relevant examination and possess a customs declaration personnel license.

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