China Adds More Commodities to Cross-border E-commerce List

Update time:2016-04-18  source:

China announced on April 15th the second batch of commodities subject to a new tax policy on purchases of foreign products via cross-border e-commerce platforms.


The commodities include 151 items covering meat, fruit, and grain, cooking oil, health-care products and medical devices.


The list has spurred heated online discussions, since the most wanted products, such as cosmetics product and baby formula, did not make the list.


In regard to the matter, the Ministry of Finance replied Friday night on its official website, saying the listing is a positive move, which will benefit all relevant parties.


The statement stated that the commodities in both lists can meet most customers' demands; and the new policy will create a better and fairer competition environment for both e-commerce and traditional businesses.


Earlier this month, China published new rules that treat foreign goods purchased online, as imported goods carrying tariffs and taxes.


A primary list of 1,142 commodities most often traded online was released on April 7th.