Introduction to Citilink Industrial Alliance

Update time:2017-12-25

Citilink Industrial Alliance (hereinafter referred to as Citilinkia) is a corporation institution registered in Hong Kong Spacial Administration Region with outlets and branches in the major cities in the world. Composed by Citilinkia Promotion Association, Think Tank&Brain Bank, Capitalist Club, Culture Publishing House, and Film and Television Center, Citilinkia unites government, international organizations, chambers of commerce, free trade zones, incubators, scientific research institutions, trade development councils and economic promotion associations to promote enterprise cooperation, resource integration and capital centralization, and form various supply chain resources, so as to build a functional and intelligent platform for resource sharing and service providing.


Citilinkia aims to promote alliances among cities and industries, matchmaking between supply and demand partners, as well as interaction among entrepreneurs to achieve win-win results. Through organizing various activities, exhibitions and fairs, interaction exchange, forums and speeches, business individuals, enterprises and associations are gathered together to share each other’s resources in the aspect of information, knowledge, business opportunities, human connections, market, capital and wisdom.


Members of Citilinkia covers every city, every industry, and every field, in which there are a lot of talents, and there are also many resources behind each person. We want to make Citilinkia into a pool of funds, resources, information, intelligence, supply and demand, talents and projects where we are able to make use of various resources. With the support of a large database, Citilinkia creates a different interactive platform and service platform which is conducive to business incubation, business operation, S&D matchmaking, think tank & brain bank, financing interaction, cultural exchange, public relations coordination, and enterprise practice.


Here, each member can make contributions and reflect its own value. Contributing 1% of value and 99% of returns will be gained. Under reasonable and legal conditions as well as the precondition of openness, fairness and impartiality, members can develop a complementary and mutually beneficial cooperation. Citilinkia promotes the cooperation among the members, including equity cooperation, stock exchange, resources exchange, etc.


In addition, Citilinkia also guides innovation of entrepreneurship, construction of integrity and compliance operation. Every year, a variety of selection activities will be held and the learning model will be elected. Enterprises will be led to achieve reform and innovation, transformation and upgrading, thus improving core competitiveness while shaping greater influence.


Through the accumulation of resources in different cities and different industries, Citilinkia will form a unity combing supply chain, big market, capital pool, think tank and cultural center in the industrial value chain. Alliance platform promotes intercity alliance, industrial interaction, information sharing and business exchange, which is another home of the enterprise. For more information, feel free to visit and