Membership Enrollment

Update time:2017-12-27

I. Fill in the Membership Application Form
Fill in the Membership Application Form, as shown in the appendix. Each column needs to be carefully completed, especially the resources that can be shared and the service requirements for Citilinkia, so that relevant officers can follow up.


II. Submit the Application Form and Relevant Materials to Citilinkia Secretary Department
Send the original completed Membership Application Form to Citilinkia Secretary Department (contact number: 86-755-82143182) or by email (email address: Membership information includes member’s company information and personal information, in which company information include business license, and copy of legal representative’s ID card (with stamp); personal information include copy of ID card, professional qualification certificate, and personal work (if any).


III. Membership Approval
After receiving the application information, the examination and approval work will be carried out in 5 working days, determining the membership number, open exclusive account,and issue membership certificate.


IV. Membership Fee
After approval, members can pay the membership fee. The fees are paid based on different levels. Those who pay five year’s membership once will be given free membership for one year. Membership fees should be transferred to the Hang Seng Bank or charged by associates of each country.
Bank of deposit: Hang Seng Bank
Account Name: Citilink Industrial Alliance Limited
Account Number: 363-681636-883 (omnibus account)


V. Receipt of Member Information
The members will receive relevant information based on different levels in order to carry out followup work.


VI. Renewal Fees
A member may apply for renewal after the expiry of the period, so as to continue to enjoy the exclusive rights and interests.


For more inquiries, feel free to contact at 852-21962686 (Hong kong), 86-755-82352600 (China) or 603-21100289 (Malaysia), or visit (in Chinese), (in English).