Hong Kong investment companies are on selling

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Many investors want to do business in Hong Kong China , but if they think that it is too complicated to formation a original new company , then maybe they will purchase a registered company that can save  a lot of time, and it is very convinent and easy , also can dercease the setup time. We can supply the company already established in Hong Kong , the investment companies as follows :


Company ID Company name Incorp Date
NCK4205 基永投資有限公司 Long Base Investment Limited 3/2015
NCR4742 恒美投資發展有限公司 Forever Beauty Investment Development Limited 5/2015
NCR4744 信藝投資有限公司 Sure Arts Investment Limited 5/2015
NCR4962 志勤投資有限公司 Vast Fortitude Investment Limited 5/2015
NCR5182 富駿投資有限公司 Charm Capital Investment Limited 6/2015
NCR5190 海聯投資有限公司 Union Oasis Investment Limited 6/2015
NCR5237 寶星投資有限公司 Fortune Luckway Investment Limited 6/2015
NCR5369 德天投資有限公司 Mega Right Investment Limited 6/2015
NCR5372 銀利投資有限公司 Silver Allied Investment Limited 6/2015


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