Citilinkia Membership

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The Citilinkia provides an interaction platform for its members. It provides membership interaction among cities and industries, joint operation among trades and enterprises.


A complex and dimensional mode of business operation is formed through the platform of Citilinkia. Microscopically, it leads a dimensional cooperative development mode of equity cooperation and joint operation among Citlilinkia members by online and offline interacting and matchmaking, so as to integrate production, investment and financing.


Citilinkia has four classes of membership: Intercity Chairman, Industrial Chairman, Alliance Director and Alliance Ambassador. Intercity chairman is the highest level of a city alliance that not only can participate in the city's membership development and management but also can plan and organize the interactive activities. Every city’s members can elect the chairman of the various industries according to the local distribution of the industry. Industrial Chairman has to assist in the intercity chairman management.


Through an integration of resources, industries, capitals, and cultures, utilizing virtual resources and virtual capital,the Citilinkia will form a comprehensive dimensional platform and mutual communication for members in different cities of the world.


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